Monday, 6 May 2013

Quilts, tea towels and other bits of life

Magatha Bagatha is still here and still sewing! The quilt (above, with Bullseye inspecting) is one I have recently made to form part of the background for my new website which is currently being built (if that's the correct term!) by LJ Computers Ltd.

Much of my other work has been 'behind the scenes' stuff. I'm planning what products I want to sell, making things and testing them, visiting inspiring places and finding out what I love to make. All of this has been taking place amidst the chaos of lambing and the preparations for new sewing room (which should free up the dining table for actual dining!)

One thing that is certain is that I love appliqué, so that will feature on most of my products. Coming soon is a series of organic cotton tea towels featuring my favourite appliqué motifs. Currently I'm working on one based on the Dala horse I bought in Bergen, Sweden when I was six.

Others are likely to feature beach scenes...

... and puffins.

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